My experience in recurrent education

It was in the month of September of the 2018-2019 school year that I enrolled in the Active Elderly Center for Recurrent Teaching in Agua de Pena.

Beautiful and blessed day when I decided to reach my goal of improving English, it was a correct decision.

English classes throughout the year were a learning and a solution to improve my knowledge in this area.

I found beautiful people, sweet, friendly, but above all friends who contributed to make the school year different and exciting.

Writing and trying to find the right words was difficult, but I thank my lovely and docile teacher Laura for her commitment and professional dedication, a true reference in recurrent teaching.

I could not forget my friendly friend, Fatima, an accomplice in my conversations.

How beautiful and fascinating was this term, I will return next year with the same positivism and with the intention of improving my knowledge.

Thank you all

Friends of heart and fellow education